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Virtual Victory Speech

Of my seven election nights, this is the third that lasted many days.  In the 2000 primary, I made the runoff by 300-odd votes, and waited a week to find out for sure.  In the 2012 primary, I made the runoff by 719 votes out of 151,000 cast; that took a number of weeks to play out.  And in this election, we closed up election night with a lead of 685 votes, with thousands more to count.  So unlike my friends like Toni Atkins or Brian Maienschien (who believe me would sweat if they ever got less than 60% of the vote), I don’t get to give a victory speech to my assembled supporters on election night.   So now I am giving my victory speech virtually.  So grab your campaign sign and an appropriate celebratory beverage, and read this while standing up.  Please applaud and laugh at the appropriate times. Thank you!  Thank you so much for being here [or there].