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TPP – Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Future of America

On July 2, 2012 Carol Heasley and I participated with the Occupellas as delegates to the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) conference. After singing our songs protesting the TPP, the IP and Labor negotiators remained after the meeting and spoke with our group. We expressed our concerns about this very broad international agreement that can take precedence over our national sovereignty. The TPP has been drafted and negotiated in secret by 300 corporations. Even members of Congress have been denied access to the documents. I’m providing this summary at this time as, in spite of protests in San Diego and other cities, the TPP is continuing to move ahead. Every citizen should be aware of the potential impact of the TPP and should join in a movement to stop the approval and implementation of the TPP.

How the Rest of the World Sees Us

While Republicans tout their jingoistic cries of “American Exceptionalism” it is interesting to note what respected foreign newspapers write about the United States and the ongoing Republican campaign saga. It gives us pause that while espousing such exceptionalism, their views and actions appear to be undermining those very pillars of our society that created the exceptional example that we have come to represent to the rest of the world. The following excerpts from the European press are from the The Week’s Dec. 16 “How They See Us.”