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Best Political Ad Ever?

In the viral campaign ad that has received national attention, Carl Sciortino Jr., the liberal Democratic state representative running for Congress in Massachusetts’s 5th Congressional District, goes back and forth with his father, Carl Sciortino Sr., an unabashed conservative and Tea Party member. The ad plays with the fact that not only is Sciortino Jr. a proud “Massachusetts liberal,” he’s also openly gay and struggling with the fact that he’s marrying his partner 10 days before the Democratic primary. For more information read “Inside Carl Sciortino’s Viral Campaign Ad” on the Daily Beast. Related articles Carl Sciortino, Gay Democratic Candidate, ‘Comes Out’ To His Tea Party Dad In New Campaign Ad (

Updated Travel Advisory On Neanderthal Country

In The Tradition Of The State Department Consular Information Sheets Anthropological Background For more than two decades the scientific consensus was that the latest possible date before the Neanderthal species became extinct was about 18,000 years ago. Now however Neanderthal remnant populations have been discovered in Washington DC and other remote locations in the United States. This species does not have fully developed brains and therefore they are unable to focus on anything except money and power. They are generally known as the Tea Party. Total Commitment To An All White America The remnant population is severely racist in their outlook. One only needs to look at Tea Party websites and mailing lists to discover that Tea Party activists consider President Obama to be a “coloured boy who does not know his place”. They consider the Democratic Party’s commitment to all Americans being equal to be a “betrayal of the Founding Fathers”. When an African-American, business executive Herman Cain, became a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, Republicans considered this a major …

We Need Progressive Reform Of The Social Security Program

Recent developments have shown the great importance which the Democratic Party needs be giving to progressive reform of the Social Security program. Conservative Republicans have become skilled at manipulating life expectancy tables to make it appear that the Social Security system is ““broken” when this in fact is total nonsense. And the Tea Party, a Marxist organization, has seized control of the Republican Party. The final stage of Classical Marxism is “the withering away of the State”, and this is exactly what the Tea Party wants. Of course Marx and Lenin thought of the “withering away of the State” as the arrival of a workers’ paradise. The Tea Party seeks the same goal for another reason, unrestrained corporate greed. Progressive reform is not of course possible without a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress and a Democrat in the White House. So our temporary position should be to draw a line in the sand against any reductions in Social Security benefits. But when the right time arrives, there are a number of reforms which …