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Dr Alan Gin

Dr Gin’s Economic Outlook for San Diego, and a Packed Agenda at May 2013 Meeting

Here’s a writeup of the May 2013 meeting, and it’s not the only one. Recently renewed member Judi Curry has a great writeup on the OB Rag. Dr Alan Gin provided a comprehensive overview of the national and local economic outlook. (Download Dr Gin’s Point Loma DC presentation slides.) San Diego lost over 70,000 jobs in the recent downturn, with construction hit particularly hard. The last 12 months has seen 30,000 new jobs created and we’re on track to add a similar number this year, but many of these jobs are low-paid. Six of the ten main categories of jobs in the region have salaries of around $20,000 per year! The most telling chart showed that although productivity of workers has increased steadily over the last 10 years this has not led to an increase in wages for the 99%, but profits have gone to tremendous growth of income for the top 1%. Ryan Trabuco, President of the Clairemont Town Council, introduced himself (more details here) and thanked the club for recently welcoming him to the …