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Point Loma Lighthouse

Awards Given to Two Dedicated Point Loma Democratic Club Members

I was very happy to present plaques to Robert DeVries and to Scott Strohecker in recognition of their 16 years of service as co-editors and producers of THE PENINSULA DEMOCRAT which has been the monthly newsletter for the club. It’s one thing to be “members” all these years, but these two members showed how dedicated they were to our club and proved to be invaluable in getting the club message out to our members in all these years. Scott’s drawing of the Cabrillo Lighthouse was on every front page. We couldn’t miss the blue-paged monthly with its colorful labels, and the upcoming calendar was always on the front page. Then there were articles by Robert, and by others who he’d be reminding to do an article. I mentioned one neat cartoon/drawing in the January ’06 issue that was an ad for Texas Homegrown DOPE being sold by Bush League Seed Co., and there was a potted “plant” of W’s face with leaves around it, and the caption underneath “The Best Dope Money Can Buy.”  Our members got the news and some …