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Dec 15 – San Diego Climate Action Plan Vote at City Council

Tuesday Dec 15 is when the full City Council will vote on the Climate Action Plan to commit to 100% renewables by 2035 and to halve greenhouse gas emissions. If you can, join the historic decision Tues, Dec 15, 12:30pm Rally @ City Hall Plaza, then 2pm Council Hearing @ City Hall, 12th Floor, 202 C Street, San Diego CA 92101. Last Saturday San Diego 350 organized an impressive turnout at Balboa Park demanding Climate Justice with a great line-up of speakers. There’s a writeup of the event, the Paris COP21 conference and the City Council vote by Doug Porter on the San Diego Free Press. If you weren’t able to attend here’s a short overview video by Dennis Stein.

Mar 22 – Monthly Meeting – Political Climate

Updates: We’re delighted to announce our Congressmember Scott Peters will attend this meeting, and in addition Joe LaCava will talk about the One Paseo petition drive. This month’s meeting is about climate action (or inaction) on the San Diego region generally and the beach areas in particular. Climate Action Campaign is based in San Diego and is looking to build support for the City’s draft Climate Action Plan and ensure its successful passage and implementation. To do this requires creating a powerful base of support for climate protection by enlisting community leaders, grassroots organizations, students, small business owners, and policymakers. Kath Rogers, Operations Director and Brian Elliott, Campaign Organizer will present an overview of Climate Action Campaign, the City’s Climate Action Plan and discuss Community Choice Energy, a mechanism the City is exploring to reach its renewable energy goals. The Community Action Plan is a legally enforceable document which sets out goals for the following: Energy and water efficient buildings Clean and renewable energy Biking, walking and transit Zero waste Climate resiliency Here is a link to the full …