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Jul 18 – Pride 2015 Invitation to Celebrate With San Diego Democrats for Equality

2015 marks the 40th Anniversary of the San Diego Democrats for Equality club. The club has invited us to march with them at Pride 2015. After last month’s SCOTUS decision there’s lots to celebrate together. When Saturday July 18, 10am (step off ~11am) Where Normal St and University Ave The staging/starting point for the parade is at the Pride flag at the corner of Normal St and University Ave. in Hillcrest. The parade contingents prep and wait along Normal St North of University. Call us on (619) 800 5098 if you need help finding the location. David Warmoth, President, San Diego Democrats for Equality, writes: We will have all Club banners marching in front of the marching group. We would ask all Clubs to march together so that we present a united front of Democrats instead of large and small groups of individual Clubs. Club  t-shirts, caps, etc. are encouraged as are candidate signs. NOTE: Dems for Equality has endorsed in the Presidential, AD 78, SD City Council Districts 3 and 9. We would appreciate no signs in support …

Congratulations to All the New DSCC Delegates for the 78th AD

There were 451 votes cast at the 78th ADEM. I want to thank the volunteers who got more than they bargained for but soldiered on and everyone who took part in the largest ADEM I have ever been part of in my 10 years as Regional Director – Steve Rivera These results are unofficial, but we believe they’re accurate. Susan Guinn Gretchen Newsom Gail Mackler Jamie Quient Cynara Velazquez Rhoda Quate Andrea Villa Brian Polejes Jared Quient Fred Rogers Craig Roberts Max Cotterill Rory Prendergast Tanner Sanger

No Man is Above the Law and No Man Below It

The LGBT people coalesced into our modern community largely due to our problematic relationship with the police. Most of our people know the place in our development that the Stonewall Riots in 1969 holds. Far fewer know about the Compton Cafeteria Riot in San Francisco in 1966 and fewer still know about the Cooper’s Donuts riots in Los Angeles in 1959. In all three incidents, “outlaws” – transgender people, drag queens and others who could not hide, or chose not to hide – fought back against police overreach, harassment, and even violence. From each incident, more people were drawn into the struggle that got us to where we are now. Here in San Diego, it’s hard to recall the “bad old days” before the Human Dignity Ordinance, Sheriff’s LGBT Advisory Board, and all the other infrastructure designed to assure equal protection under the law. The sad fact though, is that in many places (both outside and inside the United States) – and for many other groups – we haven’t progressed very far from those days. …

Notes From July’s Meeting – We Must Win in November

The July meeting was called to order at 4pm and offered some interesting perspectives on the June Primary results as well as setting expectations as to what we can achieve at the General election in November. The Mayor’s recent veto of the City Council approved minimum wage increase clearly demonstrates just how important Carol Kim’s District 6 race is. The thought of suffering with Carl DeMaio as our representative for the 52nd is a great motivational factor for many volunteers. The Meeting Agenda is available here. You can download the slide presentation for the meeting here. Steve Rivera began with an overview of the 2014 Primary. He used a set of results that he first presented at the Region 20 California Democratic Meeting on June 8. Although we like to remind ourselves (constantly) that San Diego County is getting bluer, Steve showed it’s still a lot redder than the statewide results, especially for low turnout elections. Although Jerry Brown polled 54:19 against Kashkari statewide, he only won 47:28 in San Diego County. Similarly with Newsom:Nehring, …

Pictures from the San Diego Pride 2014 Parade

The San Diego Democrats for Equality invited us to march with them in the Pride Parade, July 19. The reception from the crowd lining the route was great. Kevin Beiser, Carol Kim’s campaign, and clubs from La Mesa-Foothills, Escondido, Spring Valley-Lemon Grove marched with us. We encourage more members to take part next year. Here are some photographs from the parade of our contingent and other Democratic officials. There are more photos at the Democrats for Equality 2014 San Diego Pride Gallery.

Democrats for Equality – Proposed Resolution for Top Two Candidates in General Elections (please review)

The Democrats for Equality Club proposed a resolution to make sure that there are two candidates in General Elections and that elections are not ‘decided’ in the Primary, as happened with the District 2 City Council race this year. Further, that Initiatives and Resolutions are only voted on in the General Elections when voter participation is higher. David Warmoth attended our July 27 Meeting to ask for our club’s endorsement. The resolutions passed unanimously. There are two versions one Resolution for the San Diego City Council and one Resolution for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.