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Notes From March’s Meeting on the Barrio Logan Community Plan

Club President Susan Peinado welcomed and introduced Dallin Young from the California Democratic Party and representative from the Campaign to Re-Elect Congressman Scott Peters. He requested volunteer canvassers every weekend until the election in June. You can contact Dallin at Susan welcomed and introduced Carla Keehn, candidate for San Diego Superior Court Judge Number 20. She provided a brief overview of her background and campaign ( Carla Keehn was endorsed by the club, unanimously. Susan welcomed and introduced Sarah Boot. She thanked everyone that attended the Point Loma Meet and Greet at Ruth Rollins house. She also announced that she received the endorsement of many national women’s groups. Ms. Boot asked for volunteers and encouraged people to attend the OB Town Council debate on Wednesday night. Susan welcomed and introduced Michelle Hagan, candidate for Superior Court Judge Number 25. She directed the audience to her website Michelle Hagan was endorsed by the club, unanimously. Susan welcomed and introduced Dr. Mike McQuary, candidate for San Diego School District C (Coastal). He will be visiting each …

Robert DeVries March 27, 1942 – March 20, 2014

We are sad to announce that Robert Devries has passed on. He served as Club President from December 1994 thru February 1999, and was currently serving on the San Diego Democratic Party Central Committee. He served as editor of our paper newsletter, with Club member Scott Strohecker, for 16 years, stepping down just one year ago. He was an important and respected Club member and we will miss his insightful comments about local and national politics. He loved political history and had a wealth of insight into historic political events. We will have a moment of silence at our club meeting this Sunday March 23 to memorialize his passing, preceded by short comments made in his memory. You are welcome to join with us as we commemorate him. Susan Peinado, President

Point Loma Lighthouse

Awards Given to Two Dedicated Point Loma Democratic Club Members

I was very happy to present plaques to Robert DeVries and to Scott Strohecker in recognition of their 16 years of service as co-editors and producers of THE PENINSULA DEMOCRAT which has been the monthly newsletter for the club. It’s one thing to be “members” all these years, but these two members showed how dedicated they were to our club and proved to be invaluable in getting the club message out to our members in all these years. Scott’s drawing of the Cabrillo Lighthouse was on every front page. We couldn’t miss the blue-paged monthly with its colorful labels, and the upcoming calendar was always on the front page. Then there were articles by Robert, and by others who he’d be reminding to do an article. I mentioned one neat cartoon/drawing in the January ’06 issue that was an ad for Texas Homegrown DOPE being sold by Bush League Seed Co., and there was a potted “plant” of W’s face with leaves around it, and the caption underneath “The Best Dope Money Can Buy.”  Our members got the news and some …

James K. Polk

James K. Polk, the most important person in California history. The Place of Honor at the California State Capitol in Sacramento belongs to the statue of King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile, two historical figures with only a remote connection to California. Nowhere in the building is it mentioned that on July 7, 1846 the Pacific Fleet sailed into Monterey Bay and Admiral John Sloat announced that “California has been annexed to the United States of America by order of President James K Polk!” It seems to have been forgotten even by historical museums that the vision of an Intercontinental Empire from the Atlantic to the Pacific was solely the vision of President Polk. Congress had to be dragged kicking and screaming even to accept California as American territory. But Polk’s legacy speaks for itself. On March 4, 1845 when he took office the western boundary of the United States was the western boundary of Louisiana. On the day he left office March 4, 1849, the western boundary of the United States …

Francis Scott Key

Francis Scott Key, a Democratic Party activist whose reputation has been hijacked by the Republicans. Francis Scott Key served as a close adviser to Democratic Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, and as U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia from 1833 to 1841. Both in life and reputation he is hardly lacking in honors, being both the author of our National Anthem, and our National Motto which appears on all U.S. currency. And yet the Republican Propaganda Machine has been strangely successful in promoting the absurdity that Republicans are somehow more patriotic than Democrats. Most people seem to think that Key was a Republican even though he died before the Republican Party was founded. So let’s forget Republican mythology and honor properly a great Democrat! Robert DeVries The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Point Loma Democratic Club of which he is a member.

Too Many Conciliatory Speeches

Too many Democratic leaders have been making too many too many conciliatory speeches since the election. “Everything is on the table” should not be heard from. The “fact” that Medicare and Social Security are “unsustainable” is nothing more than a trip to Republican fantasyland. Democrats need to say instead “No Way! Never!” regarding any cuts to either program. Robert DeVries