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Your Action is Needed to Pass SB52 – Disclose Act

There are a lot of petitions that make the rounds, but getting money out of politics is one of the most important issues we face as it effects all other political actions we attempt. Overturning the Citizens United Supreme Court decision will take time, and this Californian Senate Bill is just one step to help achieve that. Last year’s Assembly bill was passed in August, but ran out of time to make it through the Senate. SB52 is designed to: • Lets voters know who really is paying for political ads — on the ads themselves • Political television ads will have to clearly list their three largest funders & their logos • Applies to all kinds of political ads, including television, radio, print advertising, & websites SB52 needs to pass the Senate now, and it can with your help. Download this PDF SB52 Petition Form, print it out and get your friends and neighbors to sign. If you’re attending any meetings, gatherings, or Clubs print out a few sheets and hand them out. Instructions …

Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale

Puerile propaganda or an informative cartoon? Take a look at this 8 minute cartoon and decide for yourself. Tax the rich: An animated fairy tale, is narrated by Ed Asner, with animation by award-winning artist Mike Konopacki, and written and directed by Fred Glass for the California Federation of Teachers.  The 8 minute video shows how we arrived at this moment of poorly funded public services and widening economic inequality. Things go downhill in a happy and prosperous land after the rich decide they don’t want to pay taxes anymore. They tell the people that there is no alternative, but the people aren’t so sure.  This land bears a startling resemblance to our land.  After you watch this video, click here to share with friends, and send an email to your elected officials to let them know they need to restore higher federal tax rates on the wealthy so that we may once more enjoy properly funded public services.

Ask Bilbray to do the Right Thing

Can you ask Brian Bilbray to do the right thing for San Diegans before he leaves office? Please call his office (202) 224-3121 and ask him to support the Senate passed bill that extends the middle class tax cuts. His office is not recording names, but is recording responses. Bilbray has not stated how he will vote. He knows that sequestration will be bad for jobs in San Diego. He also knows that increasing tax revenues from those who can afford to pay will lower the deficit. He gets to vote for this in the last few days of his tenure and before congress leaves for the holidays. It’s all part of the fiscal cliff emergency, of course.

San Diego City Council Votes Unanimously to Reverse Citizens United

Tuesday December 4, 2012 was a great day for San Diego! The City Council approved by unanimous vote Money Out of Politic’s resolution to reverse Citizens United and Amend the Constitution. The Point Loma Democratic Club was an early supporter of this resolution when we endorsed it at our meeting back on April 22, 2012 after a presentation from Dianne Lane and Kristen Smith. Money Out of Politics has worked long and hard on this resolution with help from Common Cause and the League of Women Voters. Council President Todd Gloria together with council members Marti Emerald and Sherri Lightner spoke eloquently to the issue and addressed how much it affects us on a local as well as national level. As Susan Duerkson writes on MOP’s Facebook Page “On an 8-0 vote, the San Diego City Council has joined the national call for Congress to start the process of amending the Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court’s infamous Citizens United decision.” Derek Cressman, Vice President of State Operations/Director of Campaign to Reverse Citizens United for Common Cause in writing …

Dec 9 – Annual Holiday Party

Annual Holiday Party of the Point Loma Democratic Club, at the home of our Club President Ruth Rollins. The Club’s favorite Democrat, former Assembly Member Howard Wayne, will present his analysis of where our Party stands headed into 2013. The Club will provide turkey, ham, and drinks. The cost will be $10.00 per person, or $5.00 if you bring a potluck dish to share. The Club will be collecting unwrapped new toys for the Christmas toy program of the Western Service Workers Association. Here’s a list of toys that are needed Hot Wheels/Toy Trucks, Cars, Trains Barbie or Other Similar Dolls Soccer balls, Basket Balls, Footballs Art Kits, Science Kits, Craft Kits Board Games Skate Boards, Scooters, Bikes Tea/Bake Sets Popular Music CDs appropriate for teenagers Action Figures/Spiderman, Superman, Transformers Baby Toys Soccer Shoes & Soccer Gear Computers & Computer Games/X-Box Musical Toys/Instruments Legos/Building Toys School Supplies New Clothing for Children (all ages, from new born to teenagers/adult sizes) Cash/Check Donations are also welcome. You may also pay your 2013 Member dues at the party. For …