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Mar 27 – Councilmember Kevin Faulconer to Speak in OB

The Ocean Beach Town Council will be hosting City Councilmember, Kevin Faulconer at their public meeting taking place at 7:00pm this Wednesday, March 27th at the Masonic Center (1711 Sunset Cliffs). Councilmember Faulconer plans on discussing a number of topics including his proposed Neighborhood Parking Protection Ordinance. According to Councilmember Faulconer, this ordinance seeks to mitigate the “proliferation of illegally parked oversized vehicles on City streets” [which] is a public safety, quality of life and environmental issue that has an acute impact on San Diego’s visitor-serving beach.” He will share additional information regarding the direction and status of this ordinance. The Councilmember will also touch upon his work to directly improve Ocean Beach. For example, he secured $150,000 for infrastructure improvements to the Ocean Beach Lifeguard Station, which will be used to provide the station with an automatic gate and address parking lot paving needs. He has noted, “together, we are moving forward with legislation at City Hall to improve the Ocean Beach community’s quality of life and protect our beaches and bays.” The OB Town Council hope you will …

Bob Filner

Feb 25 – Today! Help the Mayor Fight the Special Interests

Mayor Filner is standing up for the citizens of San Diego against the special interests of the hotels. The hotels plan to collect tax monies over the next 40 years and use it for their own benefit. These are tax monies that should be used for critical infrastructure and other needs of our city. The hotel tax hearing addressing this issue is scheduled for 2:00 PM on Monday, February 25, 2013. The hearing will be held in the City Council chambers on the 12th floor of City Hall at 202 “C” Street. Three (3) hours of parking are available at nearby Horton Plaza with parking validation (requires spending $10). Since taxes are intended to be levied by governments to benefit the citizens of the community, private companies levying taxes for their own benefit sets a dangerous precedent. As Jim Miller writes in a must read San Diego Free Press article addressing the hoteliers “you’re not running America’s Finest Tourist Plantation anymore.  If you are going to get $30 million in public funds to promote your …