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Gun Owner vs. McConnell

Gary Nutt is a gun owner and veteran. He’s not happy that his senator, Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, is standing in the way of sensible gun laws. Especially after gun interests spent $198,615 to elect McConnell. So Gary worked with to make a powerful TV ad calling for strong gun laws. Latest poll shows that Kentucky voters favor an assault weapons ban by 50%-42%. But Senator McConnell is threatening to abuse Senate rules and block gun reform.’s ad reminds folks that McConnell is not on their side. He sides with big gun manufacturers who spent $198,615 to elect him. Let’s go on offense! Watch the ad — and donate $3 to help air it in Washington DC and Mitch McConnell’s homestate of Kentucky? Click here. Related articles Progressive Group Steps Up Gun Control Campaign Against Mitch McConnell ( Gun Owner from Kentucky hits Mitch McConnell in new ad asking, “Senator, whose side are you on?” ( “A Mitch That Needs Scratching”: Mitch McConnell, The Least Popular Senator In America (