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Sarah Boot Announces Run for CA78

Clubmember Sarah Boot @SarahRBoot announced she’s running for the state Assembly’s 78th District. She attended our January meeting to announce her run to clubmembers, and she came to our Social Time after the meeting to sit and chat with a large group of members including Ed Harris @EdHarrisSD who is also running for the seat to be vacated by termed out Madame Speaker Toni Atkins in 2016. Clubmember Toni Atkins has made an early endorsement of Sarah in the race. The club is planning a panel discussion with Sarah moderating a discussion on human trafficking, a subject she was closely involved with as a federal prosecutor. (Details to be announced.) Read more about Sarah’s announcement of her candidacy in this article by Claire Trageser @clairetrageser for KPBS.    

Women: Vote for President Barack Obama!

The one issue widening the wedge between Democrats and Republicans in this presidential election is that of women’s rights. As the gap expands, we are subjected to increasingly more ignorant remarks about rape and abortion, the funding of contraception, and the need for special counseling and testing for pregnant girls and women weighing whether or not to have an abortion. Also divisive is the blocking of legislation addressing violence against women as well as equal pay, which fosters a virulent form of sexism in this country. On the basis of these current indicators, we can only predict that the situation for women would worsen under a Romney Administration. Would an elected Mitt Romney uphold our democratic values of equality and inclusivity or would we expect a further erosion of women’s rights and opportunities? Particularly problematic for women, especially those of us who are single, lesbian, widowed, or divorced, is our expected role in the U.S. as spelled out by the 2012 Republican Party Platform: “The institution of marriage is the foundation of civil society. Its …