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Molly Crabapple Reminds Us A Different Way of Life is Possible

Molly Crabapple created a series of paintings and drawings about the Occupy movement and the financial crisis. Some of her posters were based on articles written by Matt Taibbi for Rolling Stone Magazine. She has a new show opening in New York called “Shell Game: A Love Letter to 2011.” Called “a downtown phenomenon” by the New York Times; “equal parts Hieronymus Bosch, William S. Burroughs and Cirque du Soleil,” by The Guardian; and “a brilliant and principled artist” by BoingBoing, Crabapple has also hosted documentaries for France’s ARTE television channel. Check out her wonderful Shell Game images here: Shell Game | The Art of Molly Crabapple. “The Occupy movement may be fading in the minds of some, but this show is a reminder that what happened in 2011 awakened people all around the globe to the possibilities of a different way of life. There was something beautiful about it, just for a moment, and these paintings capture that.”

Occupy Protesters Were Right, Says Bank of England Official

The Telegraph, one of the UK’s more conservative daily newspapers, reports a senior Bank of England official of saying that the anti-capitalist Occupy protestors are both morally and intellectually right. Andrew Haldane a member of the Bank’s financial policy committee in a speech entitled Socially Useful Banking given at an event in central London on October 28, 2012 said “Occupy has been successful in its efforts to popularise the problems of the global financial system for one very simple reason; they are right.” “I do not just mean right in a moral sense,” he added. “It is the analytical, every bit as much as the moral, ground that Occupy has taken. For the hard-headed facts suggest that, at the heart of the global financial crisis, were — and are — problems of deep and rising inequality.” – Telegraph “The asset-rich, in particular the owner-occupying rich, became a lot richer. Meanwhile, the asset-less and indebted fell further behind. In other words, the pre-crisis asset price bubble acted like a regressive tax,” he said. – Guardian “Occupy …