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Notes from September Meeting – Fight for $15 – Rabbi Laurie Coskey of the Interfaith Center for Worker Justice

Club President Susan Peinado called the meeting to order at 4:03 PM. Susan welcomed and introduced guests, including Lucy, Maggie, and Beth. She also welcomed new club members Jess Durfee, Phil and Debbie Currier, Brian Pease, Rena Marrocco, Laura Fink, Deanneka and Ricardo Flores, and Craig Roberts. She then gave a ‘rant’ on the conditions of club’s meeting location – the Point Loma Assembly – and the need for monies for air conditioning and a new electrical system. Susan then introduced elected officials and candidates and welcomed each to give 2 minutes of remarks: Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (who is seeking election to Senate District 39)  provided a legislative update noting that legislation to increase the state’s minimum wage would come up in January or February; Todd Gloria (who is seeking election to Assembly District 78), provided a brief legislative update on City affairs; Georgette Gómez (candidate for San Diego City Council District 9); Sarah Saez (candidate for San Diego City Council District 9); Joe LaCava (candidate for San Diego City Council District 1); and Mara Elliott (candidate for San Diego …

Apr 15 – Fight for 15! Livable Wages and Union Rights for All

Today’s the day. All across San Diego (and the nation) there will be demonstrations to Fight for 15. Check out details of the main event at SDSU. Download a flyer here. In the wealthiest country in the world working people are campaigning to get (almost) enough money to live on. The San Diego Free Press describes the events – The actions on April 15th are expected to be the largest Fight for 15 demonstrations in San Diego. For the first time, advocates from across issues—educators, #blacklivesmatters advocates, faith leaders, City Heights advocates and workers are slated to join in at various events. If you can’t make it to the events follow Doug Porter on Twitter @dougporter506 also #RaiseTheWage and #FightFor15 If you are at events call in live to 619-528-8383 to be on the air! Day of Action Broadcast 2-6 PM on Community Radio KNSJ.