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  • Podcast – Crimmigration

    Podcast – Crimmigration

    Crimmigration is the intersection between criminal law and immigration law. Listen to a great panel of speakers: local defense attorney Gerry Wasson, Andrew Nietor, chair of the local American Immigration Lawyers Association and Aude Ruffing, Staff Attorney at the Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans (PANA).

  • Oct 17 – Crimmigration

    Oct 17 – Crimmigration

    Crimmigration – the merging of immigration law and criminal law – discussed by Gerry Wasson, Andrew Nietor and others.

  • Apr 25 – Strong Mayor and Council President

    Apr 25 – Strong Mayor and Council President

    How we moved from Council-City Manager to a Mayor-Council (“Strong Mayor”) form of government 10 years ago, and the role of Council President.