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Mar 19 – AD78 CADEM Delegates Town Hall

We’re pleased to sponsor a Town Hall event for you to meet your Assembly District 78 delegates to the 2017 California Democrats State Convention. Come along and let your delegates know your thoughts on issues important to you. Delegates will update us on their recent activities and address comments and questions. There will also be discussions on ways to get involved in local actions and activities. Sunday, March 19, 3:00PM – 5:00PM Point Loma Assembly, 3035 Talbot St, San Diego, CA 92106 For additional info call (619) 800-5098 Directions and parking information

Michael Johnson Honored at California Democratic Party Convention [Video]

  “Congratulations to Michael Johnson for being named California Democratic Party Volunteer of the Year for Region 20. Michael is a member of the Point Loma Democratic Club and the Veterans Democratic Club. He was also recognized with the SDCDP Making a Difference Award at this year’s Roosevelt Dinner. Michael is a veteran of the Vietnam War, and challenges people to vote on behalf of the fallen soldiers who cannot cast ballots for themselves. Thank you for your service, Michael. And for all the hard work you do to ensure equality, opportunity, prosperity, and sustainability for all.” – San Diego County Democratic Party Watch the video of the award presentation here. (Photo: Patrick Schultheis. You can tell, he’s in the video.) Region 20 delegates showed their appreciation. Photos: Susan Peinado. Click on them to enlarge. Here’s the video Vote to Honor a Veteran that contributed to Mike’s award and that SDCDP Chair Francine Busby encouraged us all to view when recognizing Mike’s contribution at this year’s Roosevelt Dinner.

78th Assembly District Election Meeting

Update! We have put together a dream team of talent, a remarkable group, with broad ranges of experience – the current and future movers and shakers of our city. And they are all Pt Loma Dems, everyone! You can read all about our Dream Slate here.   Do you want to get more involved in determining how the Democratic Party formulates policy? Then run for election as a delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee. You will be able to: Attend annual convention Network with other Democrats Represent your constituency Elect Party officers Promote the California Democratic Party agenda Endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office Vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures The club will be putting a slate together for the 78th Assembly District election on January 10. We’re hoping to get 5 men and 5 women on the slate, please contact us by phone (619) 800-5098 or email if you’re interested to learn more. Click here to apply online. Deadline to apply is December 11 at 5pm so please contact Susan or Ruth before then. This short …

Ballot Initiatives this November 2014

In San Diego over the last few months we’ve seen how the ballot process is used to overturn the rule of representative government. The repeal of an increase of a levy on commercial construction that funds affordable housing projects, the overthrow of the Bario Logan Community Plan, and the minimum wage increase and earned sick days ordnance, are all examples of how the business community has learnt how to get its own way through calculation (of low voter turnout) and duplicity. Ballot initiatives are often tricky to interpret, written to appear like one thing while really being another. Then there are those that mix several proposals together in an attempt to find enough supporters.Propositions attempt to do an end-run around nuance and necessary compromises that are an outcome of the regular legislative process. So what are we to make of the propositions on this November’s ballot? Here’s the thinking that comes from the California Democrat Party. Yes on Proposition 1 WATER QUALITY, SUPPLY, AND INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 2014 (CALIFORNIA WATER BOND) — Provides a reliable supply …