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Francine Busby Plans Outreach and Growth for San Diego County Dems

Francine Busby has been elected to serve as Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party, vowing to reach out to varied constituencies and build on the achievements of her predecessor, Jess Durfee. A resident of Cardiff by the Sea, Busby has been a leader in the Democratic Party since her first campaign for Congress in the 50th District in 2004 – when she ran against Randy “Duke” Cunningham – and in subsequent high-profile campaigns against former Rep. Brian Bilbray. Busby on KPBS: “We’re eager to put our policies into place because people voted for Democrats.” She has served as the North County Vice Chair of the County Party and has represented the Party in other leadership roles ranging from fundraising and strategic planning to candidate training. Busby is also the Executive Director of Run Women Run, an organization that mentors, trains, and supports pro-choice women for elected office. “I am honored to follow in Jess Durfee’s footsteps,” said Busby, noting that at the end of his nine-year tenure, 71% of the County Democratic Party’s …

Ask Bilbray to do the Right Thing

Can you ask Brian Bilbray to do the right thing for San Diegans before he leaves office? Please call his office (202) 224-3121 and ask him to support the Senate passed bill that extends the middle class tax cuts. His office is not recording names, but is recording responses. Bilbray has not stated how he will vote. He knows that sequestration will be bad for jobs in San Diego. He also knows that increasing tax revenues from those who can afford to pay will lower the deficit. He gets to vote for this in the last few days of his tenure and before congress leaves for the holidays. It’s all part of the fiscal cliff emergency, of course.

Fearful Democrats Surprised By Unexpected Victories on Election Day

Many Democrats were really worried about how much damage a Romney-appointed Supreme Court could do. Then came along 303 Electoral Votes for the President Obama, and Democrats started wearing happy faces. Many Democrats and educators were predicting 50 students per classroom, but then Governor Brown and First Dog Sutter hit the campaign trail non-stop and Proposition 30 won by 717,000 votes. Fear was almost at panic stage at the Democratic State Convention in February. Several workshops and speakers suggested that the Nation could somehow survive a President Gingrich or a President Romney, but if Proposition 32 passed, the California Democratic Party was out of business. But then the State Party and Organized Labor put their money where their fears were, and Proposition 32 lost by 1,100,000 votes. Many Democrats have been moaning and groaning for years that we would never see another Democratic Mayor because the developers had all the money. But instead we are now warmly congratulating Mayor-Elect Bob Filner. Unfortunately the House of Representatives stayed Tea Party, and we still don’t know who …

When All The Political Clamor Momentarily Stops

When all the rallies are over, when all the polls are taken, when Democrats momentarily pause from promoting their favorite candidate, there is a bottom line to the 2012 campaign season. And that is that the Republican Party is determined to destroy both Medicare and Social Security. Mitt Romney turned age 65 on March 12, 2012, and he promptly announced that he would not be accepting either benefit. Romney has endorsed the Ryan Budget, which Brian Bilbray voted for, which would end the Medicare program for all persons born after 1956. There would be a new “premium support” program replacing Medicare for the purchase of private insurance. Current estimates are that older Americans would soon be paying three to five times as much for their health care.