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Nov 16 – OFA San Diego’s Affordable Care Act Training

What is the status of the Affordable Care roll-out? When will the national website be fixed? Is it secure? Is California’s Exchange up and running? Who should enroll and why? Come learn the truth. Spread that truth to your circle of family and friends. And help Organizing for Action plan how we can work in our communities to spread the word about why health care matters and how San Diegans can benefit from “Obamacare.” You’re invited to participate in this informative training then brainstorm on how we’ll make ACA a reality for San Diegans. Come enjoy refreshments and a smart lively discussion with like-minded San Diegans. Get the Facts and help plan how we’ll promote enrollment in the new State Exchange. What: Organizing for Action’s Health Care for the Holidays Training When: Saturday November 16, 1:30pm Where: South Chula Vista Branch Library Get the details and RSVP here.

News from Congressman Scott Peters

October 24, 2013 Dear Friend, As you know, the Federal Government was partially shut down for 16 days earlier this month, and we came dangerously close to defaulting on our national debt. This irresponsible event took $24 billion out of the economy and hurt families across the country, including in San Diego. In the agreement that ended the shutdown and averted default – an agreement that I supported – the House and Senate will now reconcile their differences on the budget for our country. It is my hope that Congress will use these next few months productively to get our fiscal house in order, replace sequester cuts with more targeted, mission-drive ones, and reduce waste and abuse in the Federal Government, while also funding the necessary investments to keep America competitive into the next century. Scott speaking to San Diegans on a telephone town hall during the shutdown “Seeking Lessons from the Fiscal Crisis” I recently wrote a letter to the editor of The New York Times about an opinion piece that had run calling for a …