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Point Loma, Ocean Beach and Portal Loma are represented by: (Democrat)
SAN DIEGO – 2ND CC   (2014-2018)   Lori Zapf
39TH SENATORIAL DIST   (2016-2020)   Toni Atkins (Democrat)
4TH SUPERVISORIAL DIST   (2014-2018)   Ron Roberts
SAN DIEGO COMM COLL – C   (2014-2018)   Rich Grosch (Democrat)
52ND CONGRESSIONAL DIST   (2016-2018)   Scott Peters (Democrat)
78TH ASSEMBLY DIST   (2014-2016)   Todd Gloria (Democrat)
SAN DIEGO UNIFIED SCH – C 2011   (2014-2018)   Michael McQuary (Democrat)

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San Diego City Council Offices
Councilmember District 2, Lorie Zapf & staff
Council representative for communities of Point Loma & Ocean Beach, Conrad Wear

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