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The battle is joined: Lessons of the 2017 California Democratic ADEMs

The battle for the heart of the California Democratic Party has begun in earnest. November 8th taught millions of progressives an indelible lesson: the age of the part-time citizen is over. For too long, we have delegated power to those who hungered for it, who used it to enrich and aggrandize themselves, and who failed our Party, failed this great nation, and failed the Earth. I and millions like me awoke November 9th with an iron resolve to bring our principles to power. In the two months following the November 8th Presidential election, I joined nearly a thousand progressives running to become delegates to the California State Democratic Convention. Here in San Diego, we assembled slates in all seven districts of our county, contacting, vetting, and recruiting potential slate members, guiding and facilitating ‘get out the vote’ (GOTV) efforts, and sharing campaign literature across slates. It was an overwhelming feeling to look up in the aftermath of our own races and recognize that we had been part of a tidal wave of progressive struggle and triumph. Progressives won stunning victories across …


Jan 22 – My Journey to Liberalism
 – Confessions of a Former Conservative

2017 is proving to be an exciting time for Democrats in California. The ADEM elections at the start of the January and the Women’s March this weekend are positive signs that people have awoken and are getting more involved in the political process. January is the just warm up. For this month’s meeting we welcome Prof Stephen J. Natoli to relate his personal journey including the experiences and values that brought him to the liberal side, and the principles and issues that keep him there. Here is a book review for Liberally Speaking: Why Liberalism is Right for America The US Review of Books: Professional Book Reviews for the People. Following Steve’s presentation we’ll introduce some of the newly elected Assembly Delegates who many of you recently voted for, and who will be representing you at the State Convention in May in Sacramento. For those who took part in the historic protest yesterday (possibly the largest demonstration in San Diego for the last 45 years) please bring along your signs and attire for everyone to enjoy. Brandon …


2017 Membership Enrollment

Thank you to everyone who renewed or opened their membership at the Holiday Party, for everyone else we’ll be collecting dues for 2017 at the January meeting. This year we are asking you to contribute an extra $10 if you are able.  We are leaving the dues levels the same – $20 for Individuals, $30 for Household, $50 Sustaining, and $100 Patron. We do not do a lot of fund raising, and this will be a good way to limit extra requests for money during the year. We hope you will contribute, but if not, please rejoin anyhow. Obviously, the Club needs both members and money to stay in business! You can pay by check or credit card any time. You can mail your check to: Point Loma Democratic Club PO Box 7802 San Diego, CA 92167 Or pay online by clicking here. You will be taken to a secure payment site, we don’t store any of your payment details. Thank you. Jonathan Wubbolding Treasurer


Thanks for the Great Turnout at the Annual Potluck and Toy Drive – Happy Holidays!

Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend to make our Annual Holiday Potluck and Toy Drive such a success. We were delighted that Club Patron Barbara Bry, San Diego City Councilmember Elect for District 1 could make it, as well as two of our Area Vice Chairs – Jessica Hayes and the Honorable Howard Wayne. We heard from Gretchen Gordon from Pantsuits Nation, Brandon MacDonald from the Western Service Workers Association, and Omar Passons from Every Child Counts SD Toy Drive – if you need contact information just let us know. Club member Cynara Velazquez announced she is running for Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party, and encouraged us all to work with her to bring the changes needed to the local Party. Ruth Rollins announced she is running for Secretary of the local Party, after stepping down as Director of Clubs a position she held for the last four years. There were a lot of animated discussions on how we need to organize, mobilize and show solidarity to rebuild the Party from the …


Dec 4 – Annual Point Loma & OB Dems Holiday Party Potluck and Toy Drive – 2016!

In place of our regular monthly meeting in December we’re having our Annual Holiday Party and Toy Drive of the Point Loma Democratic Club, at the home of Ruth Rollins. Come enjoy the start of the holidays with your fellow Dems. Locally we have a lot to celebrate, nationally we have a lot to organize against, and as a Party we have a lot of work to do. This is a great chance to socialize with Democrats who will shake up in the Party in 2017. The Club will furnish turkey, ham and soft drinks, plus two drink tickets per person for wine and (great, local) beer. It’s a potluck and we ask everyone to bring a dish or side – veggies, mac and cheese, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, macaroni salad. Please invite your friends and potential members to attend and meet fellow Democrats and elected officials, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. New members can signup for 2017 membership and get reduced entry to the party. Renewing members can pay their dues and confirm their contact details with the club. We’ve …