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Point Loma/OB Democratic Club Supports Monica Montgomery Steppe for San Diego City Council President

Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe showed us the very best of what a City Council President could be. She has exported the values of her district to the city at large. Thanks to Montgomery Steppe the privacy of San Diegans in all council districts is more respected and the city rests assured that the San Diego Police Department will operate with oversight from their communities. Montgomery Steppe is ambitious and inclusive in pursuit of solutions to constituents’ needs. When the smart streetlight program infringed on all San Diegans’ privacy rights in yet another lopsided contract that drained taxpayers, Montgomery Steppe effectively worked to defund it. As the community awoke to a reckoning over police practices, Montgomery Steppe turned action into administration; she helped to pass Measure B that coupled effective policing together with an independent community review board. Her opponent for the council presidency, Dr. Jen Campbell, works against her district. How can we burden the entire city with Dr. Jen Campbell’s leadership? Campbell supported Measure E amidst the loudest opposition from her own community; now …