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Cutting Social Security and Medicare – Fix the Debt Campaign

The Fix the Debt campaign, founded and funded by billionaire Pete Peterson and approximately 100 wealthy CEOs, has a dedicated mission to cut Social Security and Medicare in order to fund further tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. This strategy, which they sell as job creation, is merely a further redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy. Unfortunately, this group of neo-robber barons has become entrenched in both the Democratic and Republican hierarchies. Two of their most ardent spokesman, Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles were appointed to head President Obama’s Deficit Commission. Simpson has distinguished himself with outrageous video ads attempting to turn the young against the old by urging grandchildren to stop their grandparents from stealing their future. In spite of their clear affiliations and positions on earned benefits they were represented to be a bipartisan committee to address American budget issues in a “balanced” manner. Their recommendations have paved the way for earned benefit cuts that benefit corporations and the wealthy on the backs of seniors. These earned benefits, …

Support the Mayor Fight the Special Interests

Dear Mayor Filner: I supported your campaign as a volunteer and was confident that you would continue to fight for our citizens rather than be bought out by corporate interests. Unlike so many elected officials you are keeping your campaign promise of working to create a better San Diego that benefits all the citizens rather than a just handful of powerful special interests. Vera Moldt reads her message of support in front of the San Diego City Council Thank you for one of your first courageous acts – standing firm against the hotel special interests. I’m not an attorney, but even as a layman, I question the legality of tax monies being collected and administered by and for the benefit of private corporations. Aside from the legality, such a provision seems clearly to be unethical as well as inequitable considering the critical infrastructure and other needs of our city. What is also telling is that this sweetheart deal extends for 40 years – a timeframe over which even more critical and now unforeseen needs may …

Syrian rebels using child soldiers

Reports that the Syrian rebels are training and deploying child soldiers validate Obama’s decision to reject the Petraeus-Hillary Clinton-Panetta proposal to arm the Syrian rebels. Obama was concerned about the consequences of such U.S. involvement in the Syrian War. Based on recent reports, described in this article, Obama made the right decision. Vera Moldt The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Point Loma Democratic Club of which she is a member. Related articles White House defends decision not to arm Syrian rebels ( Panetta, Dempsey Admit Supporting Plan to Arm Syrian Rebels ( Pentagon supported plan to arm Syrian rebels ( Syria’s Rebels Hype Their Child Soldier Training (

Cyberwarfare Precedent

  This new cyber war mandate could set a dangerous precedent. U.S. intelligence officials have indicated that although the United States has highly developed offensive information warfare capabilities, it is lacking in defensive capability. That could put our critical infrastructure at risk from retaliatory attacks. This measure can also assure that there are no more Wikileaks.   Vera Moldt   Related articles Obama Is Now America’s Hacker in Chief ( Iran builds up cyber warfare capabilities ( Cyberwarfare now menacing the enterprise, Kaspersky Lab says (  

Excellent Article on the United States Economy

Stiglitz’ article on economic inequality in the United States connects the dots in a simple, understandable way. I consider it a must read for anyone interested in understanding why our economy is stagnating. Vera Moldt Inequality Is Holding Back the Recovery. By Joseph E. Stiglitz Related articles Paul Krugman: Inequality and Recovery ( Inequality: Krugman vs. Stiglitz ( Obama Puts the Middle Class First (Surprise: So Do Economists) (