July 24 – Primary Election Results, Analysis and Strategy for General

Becca Taylor, acting Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party, will discuss the results of the June Primary, what went well, and where we still have a lot of work to do.

Cynara Velazquez, creator and editor of politicalpropaganda.org will discuss negative mailers that are now a standard feature of Dem-on-Dem races.

What action will the local party will take against candidates and political consultants who should be censured under local party rules?

We’ll also outline important races for November, and what we can all do to increase turnout and ensure victories at the local and national level.


  • 3:30pm Pre-meeting social
  • 4:00pm Primary results
  • 4:15pm Analysis
  • 4:45pm Strategy for November
  • 5:10pm Officer reports
  • 5:20pm Electeds, representatives, candidates
  • 5:25pm Announcements
  • 5:30pm Adjourn and Post-meeting social

Officer Reports

  • Secretary, Kip Eischen
  • Treasurer, Angela Hawkins
  • VP, Leslie Bruce
  • President, John Loughlin

Electeds, representatives, candidates


Sunday July 24, 4:00PMZoom registration

Click here to register for the Zoom meeting

If you’re new to Zoom don’t worry, you can join early at 3:30PM and during this Social Time we’ll help you get into the meeting. We’ll bring everyone up to speed on some of the features of the Zoom application.

Bring your own refreshments (!) and positive news to share.

If you have a problem registering, or joining on the day of the meeting, you can call us on (619) 800-5098, or email info@pointlomadem.org with your contact details.

Photo by Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash

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