May 22 – Endorsement Meeting – County Sheriff, Assessor-Recorder-Clerk, and Treasurer-Tax Collector

San Diego County

San Diego County Elections

San Diego County is the fifth most populous county in the United States, home to almost 3,298,634 million people (2020 census) and covers an area of of approximately 4,500 square miles (larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined). The area which is now San Diego County has been inhabited for more than 12,000 years by Kumeyaay and other indigenous peoples.

The demographics for the county: 43.1% White, 12.5% Asian & Pacific Islander, 4.4% Black, 33.9% Latino, 0.4% Native American.

Countywide elections are extremely difficult, time-consuming and expensive. We should understand the importance of these elected positions and how they affect the lives of all San Diego County residents.

  • There are multiple candidates in the Sheriff’s race, but only one Democrat replied to our invitiation for endorsement consideration.
  • The Assessor-Recorder-Clerk and Treasurer-Tax Collector races won’t appear on the June Primary ballot — as there only two candidates in each race they are automatically qualified for the November General Election.

San Diego County Sheriff

Dave Myers

Dave Myers@MyersSD30

San Diego Sheriff Candidate. Justice for ALL. Proud 35-year law enforcement veteran. #BlackLivesMatter 79th Assembly Delegate CA 🌈

San Diego County Assessor-Recorder-Clerk

Barbara Bry

Barbara Bry

I pledge to bring equity, accountability, transparency and integrity to the Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk office with a focus on customer service and new technology.

Treasurer-Tax Collector

Greg Hodosevich

Greg Hodosevich

It is the time for San Diego County to embrace new, data-driven decision making in allocation and spending of public money. Every significant expenditure should be backed by solid financial analysis showing the benefits the public is expected to receive.

Complete guidelines for our process are available here: 

  • Endorsement Forum Guidelines Updated for COVID-19 Emergency (PDF) – June 2020
  • Ranked Choice Voting (PDF) – June 2020


  • 3:30pm Pre-meeting social
  • 4:00pm Endorsement consideration for San Diego County races
    • Sheriff
    • County Assessor-Recorder-Clerk
    • Treasurer-Tax Collector
  • 5:10pm Officer reports
  • 5:20pm Electeds, representatives, candidates
  • 5:25pm Announcements
  • 5:30pm Adjourn and Post-meeting social

Officer Reports

  • Secretary, Kip Eischen
  • Treasurer, Angela Hawkins
  • VP, Leslie Bruce
  • President, John Loughlin

Electeds, representatives, candidates


Sunday May 22, 4:00PMZoom registration

Click here to register for the Zoom meeting

If you’re new to Zoom don’t worry, you can join early at 3:30PM and during this Social Time we’ll help you get into the meeting. We’ll bring everyone up to speed on some of the features of the Zoom application.

Bring your own refreshments (!) and positive news to share.

If you have a problem registering, or joining on the day of the meeting, you can call us on (619) 800-5098, or email with your contact details.

Edited: Since our original post Adam Schindler contacted us to say that he is now registered as No Party Preference, and as such he is not eligible for our endorsement.

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