Sep 26 – Afghan Refugees | County Redistricting

Afghan refugees

Homayra Yusefi, Deputy Director of the Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans, Aleena Jun Nawabi, Policy and Advocacy Coordinator CAIR California, and Mejgan Afshan, Founder Borderlands for Equity, will talk to us about the current situation facing Afghan refugees, and how together we can work to improve US policies.

Homayra Yusefi

Homayra Yusefi

Homayra Yusufi, Deputy Director of PANA, leads a team of organizers and advocates with a community-driven approach to advance policies that directly impact refugee communities.  Ms. Yusufi has over a decade of experience protecting the civil rights of immigrants, refugee and Muslim communities.

Prior to joining PANA, Ms. Yusufi served as the Senior Policy Advocate with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), where she developed the organization’s immigration policy platform and led the immigrant rights integrated advocacy team. During her tenure at ACLU, Ms. Yusufi worked collaboratively to pass multiple pieces of state legislation that provided protections for immigrant communities. She also worked on advancing the civil rights of the Muslim community through her work at the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-San Diego).

Ms. Yusufi graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelors in Political Science and received her Masters in Public Policy from UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy. During her time at UC Berkeley, Ms. Yusufi was a consultant with the Emery Unified School District working on the intersection of housing policies and student academic outcomes.

Ms. Yusufi was born in Afghanistan and became a refugee at the age of two. Her family immigrated to the United States where they established new lives in San Diego. As a proud mother of two daughters, Ms. Yusufi works tirelessly to build a better world for their future.

Aleena Jun Nawabi

Aleena Jun Nawabi

Aleena Jun Nawabi, Policy and Advocacy Coordinator CAIR California, received her Bachelors in Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies with a focus in Linguistics and English and Certified in Teaching ESL.

Co-founder of MISK a non-profit women organization that gives a safe space for Young and professional women to thrive. Project manager and organizer for Middle Eastern cultural development, Democratic Party, and the Muslim Community. Youth Coordinator, Islamic leader, and digital marketing guru.

Mejgan Afshan

Mejgan Afshan

Mejgan Afshan is a civil rights advocate, community organizer, and nonprofit co-founder. Compassion, integrity, and community service are the values that Mejgan’s refugee parents instilled in her. Her collaborative community work began at Helix High School, where she was News Editor of the Highland Fling. Mejgan credits the quality public education she received as the foundation of her successful advocacy, community engagement, and dedication to equitable policy change. She became Speech Team Captain while at Grossmont College and supported minority students threatened by xenophobia through interfaith dialogue.

As co-founder of Borderlands for Equity, a pro bono, civil rights non-profit, Mejgan’s mission is to uplift our most marginalized community members, in collaboration with faith leaders and human rights advocates. She is also the founder of the East County Justice Coalition, a group dedicated to addressing inequity and racial justice. Mejgan Afshan regularly conducts workshops about effective advocacy, coalition building, and dismantling misogyny.

County redistricting

Clubmember Cody Petterson, will guide us through the county redistricting process and outline some possibilities for coastal communities. We’ll discuss how we can achieve the changes we seek.

Cody Petterson

Cody Petterson

Cody Petterson, Senior Policy Advisor at County of San Diego and past President of the San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action.


  • 3:30pm Hors d’oeurves Pre-meeting social
  • 4:00pm Appetizer County Redistricting, Cody Petterson
  • 4:15pm Entrée Afghan Refugees, Homayra Yusefi, Aleena Jun Nawabi & Mejgan Afshan
  • 5:15pm Dessert Officer reports
  • 5:20pm Cheese Electeds, representatives, candidates, announcements
  • 5:30pm Nuts Post-meeting social

Officer Reports

  • Co-chairs Community Micro Grants Program, Kip Eischen & Susan Peinado
  • Secretary, Kip Eischen
  • Treasurer, Angela Hawkins
  • VP, Diane Mosely
  • President, John Loughlin

Electeds, representatives, candidates


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CAIR California: Council on American-Islamic Relations is a chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual
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