Feb 28 – Financing of Candidates, Election of Officers

Sunday February 28, 4:00PMZoom registration

At our January meeting, members of the Point Loma Democratic Club voted to support the recall effort of City Council President Dr. Jennifer Campbell.

This was a tough decision, met with robust and respectful debate on both sides. The discussion raised several issues: the role of “special interests” in politics, District 2 residents’ focus on neighborhood and environmental priorities, and the role of the City Council generally.

As such, we’ve decided to devote our next several meetings to these issues:

  • February 28: Money in Politics 101
  • March 28: Short Term Vacation Rentals: Neighborhood Perspectives
  • April 25: Council vs. Mayor: San Diego’s Separation of Powers

As per the club’s bylaws the February meeting will also see the Election of Officers. Ruth Rollins as chair of the nominating committee will chair this part of the meeting.

Panelists: Money in Politics 101

Amy Tobia

Amy Tobia is a local leader for Represent.Us, a grassroots organization focused on election reform, voting rights and anti-corruption initiatives nationwide. A resident of San Diego since 2005, Amy applies skills acquired over 20 years of design, marketing and project management work to advocate for election reform that empower voters. Her current volunteer projects include Top 4 RCV and the Voters’ Voice Initiatives.


Greg Coleridge

Greg Coleridge is outreach director of the Move to Amend Coalition. He previously served on the National Governing Board of Common Cause. 


Cynara Velazquez

Cynara Velazquez has been an active member of the California Democratic Party in San Diego since 2004, when she traveled to Arizona to assist in the Spanish Language Campaign for John Kerry. After that, she became involved in our local Democratic GO-Team, first as a precinct leader, then as a community and regional coordinator.

Cynara created PoliticalPropaganda.org with the goal of being a searchable archive of all promotional materials (i.e. propaganda pieces) distributed by campaign committees and received voters over the course of an election. Campaigns often target their messaging to specific voters, voters receive only the information from campaigns that the campaigns feels is persuasive to the specific voter. This site aims to allows voters to see all of the messaging generated by all campaigns about all candidates in an election.

Many thanks to Cynara for recruiting the panelists for this meeting.

Click Here for Notes from February Meeting

Photo by Andrew Magill

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