Sep 27 – Ballot Measures & Propositions with Anne Hoiberg & Cody Petterson

Election time is upon us! Ballots will start arriving after October 5th.

This Sunday September 27th at our General Meeting we’ll be talking through the Propositions and Ballot Measures.

To help us understand the State Propositions and Local Ballot Measures we are pleased to welcome back guest speakers (and clubmembers) Anne Hoiberg and Cody Petterson, who will explain the pros and cons and field questions from members.

We’ll also have discussion around some of the more controversial issues such as Measure E and Proposition 22.

Anne Hoiberg worked for 25 years as a research psychologist at the Naval Health Research Center in Point Loma. In 1980 she organized a week-long “Women and the World of Work” symposium for scientists in Lisbon, Portugal for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and pledged to do something locally and globally to advance women. She’s held fast to the pledge ever since. She is currently serving as President of the Women’s Museum of California, and is a past president of the League of Women Voters, United Nations Association of San Diego, and National Women’s Political Caucus.

Anne Hoiberg
Cody Petterson

Cody Petterson is an anthropologist and environmental activist in San Diego, California, where he is President of the Democrats for Environmental Action. He’s a member of the San Diego County Party Central Committee representing the 78th Assembly District. He’s also a Trustee of the La Jolla Town Council, serves on the boards of the San Diego River Conservancy and the Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego, and is an Executive Committee Member of the Sierra Club of San Diego.

Statewide Ballot Measures

14YesBonds for Stem Cell Research
15YesMore Funding for Schools and Businesses; Closes Loopholes
16YesReversing the Ban on Affirmative Action 
17YesGrants the Right to Vote to People on Parole
18YesAllows 17-Year-Olds Who Turn 18 by the General Election to Vote
19YesProperty Tax Breaks; Revenue Funds Wildfire Agencies
20NoHarsher on Parole and Property Crimes; Requires DNA Collection 
21YesLimit Rent Increases
22NoRepeals AB 5; Classifies Ride-Share Drivers as Self-Employed
23YesRegulate Chronic Dialysis Clinics 
24NeutralStronger Consumer Privacy Laws
25YesReplace Cash Bail System

Local Ballot Measures

City of San DiegoAYesGeneral Obligation Bonds for Affordable Housing
City of San DiegoBYesCharter Amendments Establishing Commission on Police Practices
San Diego Unified School DistrictCYesCharter Amendment: District only Elections for School Board Members
San Diego Unified School DistrictDYesCharter Amendment: Procedures to Remove School Board Members for Cause and to Fill Vacancies 
City of San DiegoEYesRemoving 30ft Height limit in MIdway- Pacific Hwy Community Plan Area
City of CarlsbadGNoCity Council Compensation
City of EncinitasHYesAdopt an Ordinance authorizing commercial cannabis activities subject to certain rules and restrictions
City of Imperial BeachIYesImperial Beach Emergency Responsive/ Vital Services Measure 
City of Lemon GroveJYesFunding general municipal expenses such as fire, safety, roads, and recreation via cannabis tax 
City of OceansideKYesEstablish limits of three four year terms- consecutive or not- for the offices of mayor and city council
City of OceansideMYesEstablish Cannabis Business Tax for cannabis retailers, manufacturers, and distributers, cultivators
City of SanteeNYesAmend Santee General Plan to require voter approval for development actions that would increase residential density or intensify land use
City of SanteeQYesNo one should serve as Mayor City Council member for more than 12 years, or three terms
City of SanteeRNoEstablish a three term lifetime limit on city council service and a separate two term lifetime limit on mayoral service
Cajon Valley Union School DistrictTNoMake upgrades to school with $125 million in bonds
La Mesa/Spring Valley School DistrictVYesMake repairs and upgrades to facilities with $136 million in bonds 
Oceanside Unified School DistrictWYesMake repairs and upgrades to facilities with $160 million in issued bonds
South Bay Union School DistrictXYesLimit Board members to three elected terms in office
Valley Center Fire Protection DistrictAAYesAdopt a measure levying a max. of $820,000 from property taxes annually for maintenance and improvements to services and equipment 

Bring your sample ballots or voter guides with you and check off your decisions as we go along. Feel free to invite friends and neighbors who are looking for some partisan Democratic guidance.

Sunday September 27, 4:00PMZoom registration

You can review the San Diego County Democratic Party Voter Guide here.

Democratic Party Positions on Ballot Measures (November 2020) here.

Election Information from the Registrar of Voters – here.

Register to Vote – up to October 19 – here.

Same Day Voter Registration (Conditional Voter Registration) – after October 19 through Nov 3, details here.

Sign up for Where’s My Ballot – here. Track your mail ballot every step of the way.

A safe & hassle-free voting experience: A practical guide. (PDF)


3:30PM Social Time for Zoom newbies (and pros)
4:00PM Intoduction of elected officials, candidates and guests
4:15PM Program

  • Ballot Measures
  • Propositions

5:15PM Club business

  • Officer Reports
  • New Business
  • Announcement

Vote Forward

Writing letters to voters is one of the most effective ways to help increase election turnout in 2020. And you can do it right from home! Details here.

The new official mail date for The Big Send is Saturday, October 17th. Please mark your calendars! Click here for the full story.

If you’re new to Zoom don’t worry, we’ll help get you into the Social Time and the meeting. We’ll bring everyone up to speed on some of the features of the Zoom application – including polling, voting and breakout rooms.

Bring your own refreshments (!) and positive news to share.

Sunday July 26, 4:00PMZoom registration

If you have a problem registering, or joining on the day of the meeting, you can call us on (619) 800-5098, or email with your contact details.

Photo by Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash

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