July 26 – Time to Stop Watching: From White Privilege to White Ally

Members of the Point Loma Democratic Club have asked what they can do to support the Black Lives Matter movement. One thing we can do is to have a good, solid foundation of what the movement is about. With that knowledge, we can help remake our communities into places where all can thrive. 

Sunday July 26, 4:00PMZoom registration

We are honored to host the group Continuing The Conversation (CTC). Founded in San Diego, California, at the Point Loma Community Presbyterian Church. Addressing the racial disparities, education opportunities, and need for locally transformed hearts and minds is a key priority for the organization and its members. CTC envisions and works towards a racism-free San Diego community.

Although the focus is from a spiritual point of view, this group’s work is accessible to the non-religious. CTC’s blog is a good starting point with excellent links to YouTube videos, editorials, articles, links to films, documentaries and books, to guide your study.

Rev. Karla Shaw, the Senior Pastor at Point Loma Community Presbyterian Church, has an excellent series of four videos that are well worthwhile. 

CTC Board Members

Gordy Lutes, CTC Co-Chair and Civil Engineer
Yusef Miller, CTC Board Member, and Islamic Society of North County Board Member
Darwin Fishman, PhD, CTC Co-Chair and University Professor
Ellen Nash, CTC Advisory Board Member, Chair BAPAC, San Diego Chapter, San Diego County Human Relations Commissioner
Derrick Luckett, CTC Advisory Board Member, Past CA State President, National Association of Real Estate Brokers
Carla Stayboldt, MD, CTC Board Member, Pathologist, San Diego Pathology


3:30PM Social Time for Zoom newbies (and pros)
4:00PM Intoduction of elected officials, candidates and guests
4:15PM Program

  • Introduction to Continuing The Conversation (CTC)
    • Carla Stayboldt, M.D., CTC Board
  • Brief History of US Racism not taught in schools
    • Gordy Lutes, CTC Board Co-chair
  • Racism Terms and Definitions
    • Darwin Fishman, Ph.D., CTC Board Co-chair
  • Changing Hearts and Minds – one white woman’s journey
    • Carla Stayboldt, M.D., CTC Board
  • The African American Experience
    • Examples from CTC Board Members
  • “White Ally” – definition and opportunities
    • Yusef Miller, CTC Board Member
  • Recommended Resources and Organizations
    • Darwin Fishman, Ph.D., CTC Board Co-chair

5:00PM Questions & Answers
5:15PM Club business

  • Officer Reports
  • New Business
  • Announcement

If you’re new to Zoom don’t worry, we’ll help get you into the Social Time and the meeting. We’ll bring everyone up to speed on some of the features of the Zoom application – including polling, voting and breakout rooms.

Bring your own refreshments (!) and positive news to share.

Sunday July 26, 4:00PMZoom registration

If you have a problem registering, or joining on the day of the meeting, you can call us on (619) 800-5098, or email info@pointlomadem.org with your contact details.

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