Help Flip the Senate!

Wendy Gelernter of Take Action San Diego recently shared 3 actions we can take to “make sure that we wake up smiling on November 4!”

  1. Join virtual letter writing parties to voters in the swing states of Michigan (5/28) and Iowa (5/30).  It’s a 2 hour commitment, and you get to join in with like-minded people from around the country while writing letters. Sign up here! Sponsored by Swing Left. Letters like these have boosted turnout among Democratic voters by 1.5% – 3.0%.
  2. Phone bank in support of Mark Kelly for Senate in Arizona the weekend of 5/30-5/31. Several 2-hour time slots are available on both days. Sign up here! Sponsored by Mission for Arizona (Arizona Democratic Party).
  3. Provide input on our electoral strategy. Take this 30 second survey to let us know which state or states you think we should be focusing our activism on in the upcoming months. For some background on this issue, you’ll remember that there are about 12 swing states that are most critical for winning the Senate and the Presidency, and holding onto the House in November. We had originally focused on Arizona, because we had planned to make monthly canvassing visits to the state, and it was the closest swing state to San Diego. But now that geography is pretty much irrelevant, we can focus wherever we want. Arizona is still going to be critical (see headline below), and even Texas — with 38 electoral votes —  is now in play, based on several recent polls.

In addition the California Democratic Party is organizing a Statewide Day of Action: Help Flip the Senate! on Sunday June 14 from 1-4PM to support Mark Kelly. Register here

Wendy Gelernter

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