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No On Newland Sierra

Newland Sierra is a development project that citizens forced the County Board Of Supervisors to place on the ballot next year or rescind their previous approval. At our November meeting we heard representatives for and against the development. The club unanimously voted No On Newland Sierra, and we encourage members to support the club’s position.

Many thanks to representatives for and against the proposal for taking the time to present to the club and to field questions from members.

We are joined in voting No on Newland Sierra by several other Democratic Clubs in the county, including:

  • San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action
  • Fallbrook Democratic Club
  • East County Democratic Club
  • San Marcos Democratic Club
  • La Jolla Democratic Club
  • Democratic Club of Vista
  • Democratic Club of Carlsbad-Oceanside

as well as several other conservation groups in the county:

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