Banner Competition – Win a Gift Card to the OB Garden Cafe!

The winner of our OB Garden Cafe prize is Steve Rivera. Thank you Steve!

Every entry will receive a prize and the winner(s), as well as enjoying seeing their design at every meeting, will receive a $75 value gift card to the OB Garden Cafe!

You’ve seen the banner in action at club meetings and events, the OB Street Fair, Pride, and OB Holiday Parade. It tells people our name, but it can do more than that.

Banner at the Pride Parade

It could incorporate our friendly logo, show our website address, Twitter handle or Facebook name. It could more graphically represent our values, and where we’re coming from, figuratively as well as literally. Perhaps it needs a splash of color, or an image of a lighthouse?

There’s no end of possibilities and we’d like you, or someone you can persuade, badger or cajole into helping, to come up with new designs.

We’ll use a horizontal banner for carrying in parades and at event booths, and a vertical banner at meetings and as a neat background in photographs.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer, you just have to outline your ideas. Sure, you can submit your entries as .SVG files ready for printing, but you can also just sketch them on the back of a napkin!

At the October 28th meeting, we’ll pin up the ideas, sketches, designs at the Point Loma Assembly (and post them online) and let clubmembers tell us which ones we should move forward with. At that stage we’ll solicit help from a professional and work up the designs based on the technical requirements for printing on vinyl.

Any questions please email or call (619) 800-5098.

Banner at the OB Street Fair booth

OB Garden Cafe

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