Jun 23 – OB Street Fair – The Start of the 2018 Elections

It’s June. That means that we don’t have our regular meeting at the Point Loma Assembly instead we have it at the OB Street Fair. This is the start of our General Election work to elect Democratic candidates for District 2, and across the city and county.

Don’t sit home and think of it as a month off from our regular political meetings, think of it as a chance to meet voters and ask them what they’re concerned about. What are the issues that will get them out to vote?

Are they spurred into action by the abuses of children whose parents are fleeing violence at home? Or are they concerned about the local environment, or short term vacation rentals?  Are they up in arms over affordable housing development in Point Loma, or the proliferation of brightly colored bicycles?

As well as enjoying political conversations at the booth, you’ll get the chance to sample the delights of the fair.

You can help citizens register to vote, promote our candidates, and enlarge your political mind.

The fair runs from 10am – 8pm with lots of events for all the family.

If you’d like to volunteer to help staff the booth for an hour or so, please contact Merrin Muxlow vp@pointlomadem.org  or (619) 800 5098.

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