Our Communications Chair John Loughlin Elected Director of Clubs

At Saturday’s meeting of the Council of Clubs our Communications Chair, John Loughlin, was elected to be the next Director of Clubs by representatives from each club.

His endorsements included the outgoing Director for the last four years, Ruth Rollins.

In a thank you email to the club presidents, John wrote:

Thank you for voting

Whichever candidate you voted for, thank you for coming out today.

There was a lot of great news from clubs across the county. Throughout next year we’ll be working together to share the narratives from these recent campaign successes, as well as addressing issues we can improve.

There is no formal meeting in December, but please reach out to me by phone or email to talk over any and all ideas you have to move things forward.

We’ve already started working on putting together a Club Development Workshop type meeting for January, to kick off the year with constructive ideas and to prioritize the work in front of us.

Thank you for your confidence in selecting me to help, I am honored.

If you see me at the Volunteer Appreciation Event (RSVP) tomorrow (made possible by the support of Michael Gelfand, President of the Rancho Santa Fe Club) please come over to say hello, and if I don’t see you tomorrow to say it in person, have a great Thanksgiving!


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