Notes from the August Meeting – Annual Summer Potluck with BBQ – Support Western Service Workers Association Back-to-School Drive

The club’s BBQ was even more successful than last year’s; over 60 people attended and revenue was up by almost 14%.

Mark Arabo, President/CEO of the Neighborhood Market Association, generously donated the beer and cheesecake.

The club gained six new members in the past month:

Derek & Nancy Casady, Bobbie Kohrt, Suzanne Lawrence, Luis Osuna, and Lynara Velazquez, three of who spoke at the BBQ.

Derek & Nancy Casady spoke about the grassroots environmental advocacy group “The Climate Mobilization, which is pushing for a WWII Scale government mobilization against climate change.  It’s a pledge-based movement in which signers pledge to vote for political candidates who have signed the group’s “Pledge to Mobilize” that makes restoring a safe climate a top political priority.  They urged all citizens to sign at .

Luis Osuna, President of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association spoke about how the group, as “San Diego’s Latino/Latino Bar Association,” has a keen interest in helping other Latinos achieve their goals by offering legal resources and legal action, and by the association taking political positions when necessary.  Osuna is committed to having a positive impact in the entire community also, and recently announced that he’s running to be Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party.

Yvonne Elkin spoke about Hillary Clinton’s campaign and urged people to stay or become involved in spite of the post-primary closure of its San Diego headquarters.  She circulated a sign-up sheet for those interested in helping.

Tommy Hough, president of San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action and a local broadcast personality, invited everyone to the club’s Second Anniversary Celebration and Awards Ceremony, held on September 11, and spoke about how critical this year’s elections were, at every level of government.

Kelvin Barrios, Political Director of San Diego County’ Young Democrats, spoke on behalf of Georgette Gomez, the Democratic Party endorsed candidate for San Diego City Council District 9, and how she wants to shake up City Hall.

Brandon McDonald, Operations Manager of the Western Service Workers Association, spoke about its support of low-income service workers in San Diego County and thanked everyone who donated school supplies at the BBQ in support of its Back-to-School Drive.

Barbara Bry, the Democratic candidate for San Diego City Council District 1, spoke about the need to continue her volunteer-driven, grassroots campaign.  She explained that even though her opponent, Ray Ellis, suspended his campaign, his name would still appear on the ballot.

Scott Peters, U.S. Representative for the 52nd District, which includes Point Loma and Ocean Beach, and who is up for re-election, spoke about the National Organization for Women Political Action Committee’s endorsement of him, which was announced on the eve of Women’s Equality Day, three days prior to the BBQ.  He also spoke of fellow congressman Darrell Issa’s sudden regular calls to his office, asking if they could work together on bi-partisan issues.  Peters said he thinks it proves that Issa is very worried about the possibility of losing to his Democratic opponent, Doug Applegate, in the 49th District race.  He continues to tell Issa that he’d be happy to work with him sometime, but not for the mere purpose of election year publicity.

Thank you for another memorable summer gathering, that raised money for the club, support for the Western Service Workers Association and great conversations among members.

Notes: Deborah Currier, Secretary
Photos: John Loughlin

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