Positive Thinking and Expression

Our club’s Communications Chair, John Loughlin, was the recipient of the San Diego County Democratic Party’s Volunteer of the Year award, here’s a transcript of his speech at the 2016 Roosevelt Dinner that calls on all of us to be thoughtful when posting on Social Media.

Thanks Ed.

Oh my. Deary me. Crikey,

I can honestly say I don’t deserve this award but

I’m happy to accept it on behalf of all the backroom geeks and nerds who help clubs, candidates and elected officials spread our Democratic values.

I’m also happy to accept it to thank all the folks who nominated me.

First and foremost I must thank Geri Carmack, who probably rues the day she dragged me along to join the Point Loma Democratic Club.

Also Nancy Witt who worked on recruiting me to the GoTeam, for literally years,

and many thanks to my Party mentors Ruth Rollins and Susan Peinado.

I also want to thank all the friends and beautiful progressives I’ve met over the last few years – who’ve helped and encouraged me

especially Ron and Mercy Mandelbaum, Anne-Marie and Everett Kaukonen, Betty Ball, Kami Olsson, Martha Sullivan, Ramla Sahid, Alana and Bruce Coons, Linda Perine, Roberto Alcantar, Ed Harris and Greg Bolian, I could go on and on, in proper awards style, but I won’t…

Instead, as I have a minute, like all campaigners I’ll make an ask

I first encountered the web when I moved to California in the early 90s
It’s hard to remember now, but back then we thought the Internet held the promise to:

  1. democratize knowledge
  2. empower the weak
  3. and check abuses of the strong

that was before they figured out how to place adverts next to cat videos.

People have a strong desire to engage with digital media,  even at risk of death – texting while driving

This election cycle clearly demonstrates the good and bad uses of technology for spreading messages of hope and hate.

At its best digital media gives us a new chance to engage positively with the world, to share our values and to recruit minds and voters to our cause.

Best done by telling stories. Positive stories. Stories that move us, bring us together, and let us see the world in a different light.

So here’s the ask –

Let’s make sure that as Democrats we don’t spend time on ridiculing and belittling our opponents with anti-social media.

Instead, when you’re on your website, Facebook or Twitter let’s post news that is uplifting and positive, stories that are encouraging, inclusive and life-affirming.

Let’s spread the word as to who we are, and why others should care.

Thank you.

Oh yes, one last thing – in District 9 on June 7 vote for two great members of the Democratic Woman’s Club – Georgette Gomez and Sarah Saez.

John also meant to thank Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt and on behalf of Anne Donnellan he asks us all to honor the candidates who strive to foster their enduring values.

[Photo credit: Patrick Schultheis]


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