President’s Message – September 2015

Coronado Democratic Club

When I was growing up, socialism was a dirty word. I was told it meant the end of freedom and the state would own all means of production.

A funny thing happened on my way to maturity. When I visited so-called socialist countries such as Norway or Sweden, I saw private industry and free people enjoying a good quality of life. What’s going on? Why is socialism, even today, so frightening to many Americans? Social Security and Medicare are both socialistic programs but most people, Republicans included, want and are grateful for these programs.

In the 1920’s the United States had an active Socialist Party & ran a candidate in the 1928 Presidential election. It may be hard to believe but their party platform that year has by and large been adopted and is a part of our national fabric.

wpaPrinted below is that platform and an explanation of each…

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