The Fight to Vote Lives On

Coronado Democratic Club


In 2013, a Texas woman was told that she now needed an ID to vote. No big deal, right? Wrong.

In order to get the necessary ID, Bates would have to pay $42 for a birth certificate. The cost was too much for her poverty-stricken family.

“We couldn’t eat the birth certificate,”she said in court, “and we couldn’t pay rent with the birth certificate.”

In Ohio, an 86-year-old World War II veteran wasdenied the rightto vote in the 2012 election because his ID from the Department of Veterans Affairs didn’t contain his address.

In Wisconsin, an 85-year-old disabled woman had never needed an ID, because she was never able to drive. When she tried to get one to vote, the DMV quoted her aprice up to $200because there was a name discrepancy.

These stories are representative of millions (yes,millions) of people across…

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