Jul 18 – Pride 2015 Invitation to Celebrate With San Diego Democrats for Equality

2015 marks the 40th Anniversary of the San Diego Democrats for Equality club. The club has invited us to march with them at Pride 2015. After last month’s SCOTUS decision there’s lots to celebrate together.

Saturday July 18, 10am (step off ~11am)

Normal St and University Ave

The staging/starting point for the parade is at the Pride flag at the corner of Normal St and University Ave. in Hillcrest. The parade contingents prep and wait along Normal St North of University. Call us on (619) 800 5098 if you need help finding the location.

David Warmoth, President, San Diego Democrats for Equality, writes:

We will have all Club banners marching in front of the marching group. We would ask all Clubs to march together so that we present a united front of Democrats instead of large and small groups of individual Clubs. Club  t-shirts, caps, etc. are encouraged as are candidate signs. NOTE: Dems for Equality has endorsed in the Presidential, AD 78, SD City Council Districts 3 and 9. We would appreciate no signs in support of candidates other than those endorsed. Signs for all other Democratic candidates in races coming up is encouraged.

The route is only 1.1 miles. With the exception of 1 small dip/upgrade near the end of the route, it is a very flat walk.  That being said, you will be (likely) standing and walking in fairly hot sun for a long period of time. We will provide water. We strongly  encourage marchers to wear comfortable shoes, hats or caps and comfortable clothing. Bring sunscreen. Note that anything you bring to the staging area must be disposed of properly or carried with you during the parade.

The parade ends near 6th Street between Upas and Laurel in Balboa Park. There are shuttles to take you to the Old Naval Hospital parking lot. There is NO shuttle back to the start of the parade route.

There are always a few protestors. We recommend that you deal with them the way everyone else does – ignore them. For safety reasons, you may not throw anything to spectators along the route. And, for those who have never experienced an LGBT Pride parade, there may be people (even a few Republicans) and costumes outside your normal comfort level. Just know that they’re almost certainly good people and they will be very glad that you are taking part in the parade.

Thank you for participating with us at this year’s Pride parade and have a good time.

Car pool if possible and park at the Old Naval Hospital parking lot. PRIDE has free shuttles from the parking lot to the parade staging area that depart approximately every 10 minutes (starting at 8:00am). Get there no later than 9:30am.

There are also free shuttles from the PRIDE festival (near the parade end) back to the Old Naval Hospital parking lot.

If you’re interested in volunteering to help register voters at the festival contact Ryan Trabucco (619) 453-5599 or Mike Johnson (619) 991-0105. Volunteers will receive a free ticket.

The Pride Kick-off Reception is on July 16, 5:30pm at Great Maple more details are available here.

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