MoveOn Petition: 3 U.S. Senators must Resign from the Armed Forces Active Reserves NOW

Clairemont Democratic Club

At last night’s San Diego County Democratic Central Committee meeting, Steve Jesionka, a Marine veteran and member of the Central Committee, presented the petition that he has developed on calling for three U.S. Senators who signed the letter to the leaders of Iran.  All three are members of the Reserves and are prohibited by the Military Code of Justice from criticizing the President or bringing discredit upon the U.S. or armed forces.
Steve created a petition to Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa and the United States Senate which says: “ALL members of the United States (US) armed forces, regular or RESERVE, are prohibited from criticizing the president or bringing discredit upon the US or armed forces.”  You can read the full text of the petition on
Will you sign PLEASE this petition and share it with others.  Post it on Facebook, Tweet it, etc. Click here:…

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