Ed Harris to Speak at City Council for Citywide Ban on Single Use Plastic Bags

ban-the-bag-290x300On Tuesday, March 17th at 10am former District 2 Councilmember and clubmember Ed Harris will speak at City Council during public comment.

He will be joining Surf Rider and about 60 students from Innovations Academy. There will be Surfrider activists from Rise Above Plastics and many others present.

Ed is asking City Council to push for the citywide ban on single use plastic bags. Over 100 cities in California have banned single use bags and Ed believes that we in San Diego shouldn’t wait any longer.

He’s asking us to join him and to encourage our friends, dive partners and neighbors to stand up for our bays and oceans.

Public meeting starts at 10:00 AM
City Administration Building Council Chambers
12th Floor 202 C St
San Diego, CA 92101

Read more about the issue in this article by John Lawrence for the San Diego Free Press.

The draft San Diego Climate Action Plan calls for an action item to be passed by the City Council in 2014: the plastic bag ban. More than 110 other California Cities and Counties have already passed one.

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