Video – Labor and the Democratic Party

At February’s monthly meeting as well as taking some great photographs of the event Patrick Schultheis also recorded video of the two speakers.

For those who weren’t there, or to review some of the great Labor issues we were given, we’ve posted the videos to our YouTube channel, and below.

Enjoy, share (the videos, like all of our original content, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license) and subscribe to our YouTube channel for future content.

Daraka Larimore-Hall reminds us of how unions like the UAW helped shape the Democratic Party into the party of Civil Rights.m (1 minute)

Daraka Larimore-Hall argues Labor and the Democratic Party are joined at the hip using the Volkswagen unionization vote in Tennessee as an example. Non-partisanship is a myth. (3 minutes)

Daraka Larimore-Hall explains why we must understand Labor and why every Democratic club in California should run this program. (1 minute)

Richard Barrera – complete talk (22 minutes)

Daraka Larimore-Hall – complete talk (39 minutes)
(There are some blank portions of this video but the audio is maintained throughout.)

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