Jan 10 – A Dream Slate for the 78th Assembly District Election

Here is the Point Loma Democratic Club Slate for the 78th Assembly District candidates to the 2015 and 2016 State Conventions. NOTE: this year’s ADEM details are here.


We have put together a dream team of talent, a remarkable group, with broad ranges of experience – the current and future movers and shakers of our city. And they are all Pt Loma Dems, everyone!

Be proud of our Club and show your support by coming out to vote from 10 am to 12 pm, Saturday, January 10, in the Marina Village Conference Center.

It only takes a few minutes to actually vote. And we all know that every vote counts, especially in a small election as this. And serious, intelligent, dedicated people should be representing us at the state level.

2015/01/img_3729.jpgIt will all come down to who can get out the most voters – there will be brownies cookies.

Ask questions of the candidates from their website: http://78adem.org/

Only a week to go! Today’s the day!

78th_District_Map_-_Speaker_of_the_Assembly_Toni_G__AtkinsWho can vote in this election?
If you are a registered Democrat with your voting address in the 78th Assembly District you are eligible to vote. If Toni Atkins is your Assemblymember you’re registered in the 78th. There’s a nice interactive map on Toni’s website ☞

What’s it all about?
The Democratic State Party holds Assembly District Election Meetings every two years to elect delegates to the State Conventions. The delegates represent the interests of fellow Democrats from their Assembly District. All of our candidates are passionate about the 78th and together we have the skills and experience to represent the district.

Where is the election held?
The 78 ADEM is being head at:

1960 Quivira Way, Room E-1
San Diego, CA 92109

Landmarks: Mission Bay near the Hyatt Regency

When is the election?
Saturday January 10, 2015

How long does it take to vote?
It normally takes just a few minutes to look you up on the Voter Registration lists and for you to complete and post your ballot.

When are the results announced?
After the poll closes, shortly after 12pm, the votes are tallied and the winners announced.

Do I have to vote for all 12 candidates on the slate?
No. You could vote for just one or all 12. Obviously we’d like you to vote for all 12 clubmembers, and we’re working to promote the election and our members as the best candidates.

How many candidates are there?
There are 35 candidates. To learn about all of the candidates you can view their statements here.

How many will be elected for the district?
14 people (7 men / 7 women) will be elected to represent the 78th district as DSCC (Democratic State Central Committee) Delegates for both the 2015 and 2016 State Conventions.

How is the Assembly District Executive Board representative elected?
After the winners are announced, those Assembly District Delegates present elect one of them to be the Executive Board representative.

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