Notes From the Annual Summer BBQ 2014

Thanks to everyone who attended this year’s Summer BBQ to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the club. Those who weren’t able to make it missed out on a great speech from San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria, focused on the minimum wage increase. We also heard from Kevin Beiser running for the San Diego Unified School Board, and Katie Phelan who educated us about organizing the nurses at the San Diego Veterans Administration Hospital.

Christina Wu asked for volunteers for Carol Kim’s campaign and Tim Hanna asked for Scott Peters’ campaign.

David Egan from San Diego spoke about the People’s Climate March San Diego, and the club unanimously endorsed a proposal supporting the day of action.

Chris Ward, who is running for City Council District 3 in 2016 attended along with his colleague on Marty Block’s staff, Roberto Alcantar. We also welcomed the President of the Democrats for Equality, David Warmoth and Unified Port of San Diego Commissioner, Rafael Castellanos and club member Sarah Boot.

Ruth Rollins and some strangely beaded gentleman, who nobody quite recognized but who seemed to have a passing resemblance to Mike Johnson, sold raffle tickets to raise funds for the Western Service Workers Association. Many members brought back packs and school supplies, and WSWA representatives Othree Hendrix and Brandon McDonald collected almost $450 in cash and checks on the day.

The club furnished food from the grill, many thanks to Stewart Witt and Tom Gawronski, as well as craft beer and wine. The Societe Brewing Company (up near the Dem Party office of Clairemont Mesa Blvd) and Modern Times Beer (here in Pt Loma) both donated beers, and a kind soul (who sadly couldn’t stay long as she had to fly back to Sacramento) made sure that the other Pt Loma brewery was represented as well.

We sold out of our first batch of t-shirts at the party, as well as taking orders for the second run. If you’ve seen the design and are insanely jealous, don’t panic. You can order shirts online here, or at our next club meeting on September 28.

Last, but not least, we all thank Gerry Halpern for sharing her beautiful house for this event (I have no idea why she enjoys living in a house with such a limited view of the environs of Pt Loma and Ocean Beach).

GiveUs5_pagesIn the background of some of the photographs you may have noticed that at the BBQ we asked everyone attending to…

If you weren’t able to be there, or if you forgot to complete your form please take a moment to reply.

Getting Democrats elected – it’s the Point Loma Democratic Club’s top priority. As a member, you’re already contributing to our important mission, and I can’t thank you enough for your support. But, with so much at stake in November, I want to ask you if you could do a little more.

Please check one of the following boxes. The club will provide all of the necessary information for your choices and/or donation envelopes or website addresses.

Thank you very much.

Just think about the impact if every single one of our club members do these 5 things to support our candidates. Together we can make it happen!

Susan Peinado, President
Point Loma Democratic Club
San Diego County Democratic Party Club of the Year 2014

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