Sep 4 – DIRECT eZine for Democrats #852

Coronado Democratic Club


“The best part of my life is I’ve been hired to work for the people of the state of Maine and I’m very humble and very proud. The worst part of my life is newspapers are still alive.” —Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R). 8/28/14

“I’ve been indicted by that same body now for I think two counts, one of bribery, which I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t really understand the details here.” –Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R)talking about the indictments against him – of which bribery was not one.

“7 Ways Children Can Have Fun at the Shooting Range” via @TeamWON— @NRAWomen —NRA womentwitter while the rest of American media was showing videotape of a presumably now-traumatized 9-year-old girl losing control of a fully automatic Uzi before spraying her tourist-friendly “instructor” with bullets.

“There’s no way any of us…

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