Will you help advance Council President Todd Gloria’s earned sick days and minimum wage measure?

MaribelCPI-Header-LogoWorkers across the spectrum–retail, fast-food, tourism, clerical and many others–are speaking out. Each day, these low income earners are forced to make tough decisions: Can I pay the rent? Can I afford to stay home with my sick child?

Council President Todd Gloria’s measure will make a positive difference in the lives of more than 200,000 low wage employees. Stand with working San Diegans, a coalition of community and religious organizations and six Councilmembers who have voiced support for the measure. It is time to advance the earned sick days and minimum wage measure!

The Mayor and Council need to hear from you!

Click here to be taken to a page that provides sample text where you can also personalize your message.
The page will let you easily share why this measure matters to you.

If you want more information on the “Improving Wages and Working Conditions Measure” click here.

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