Formal Complaint Filed Against BPCI – A Private Corporation Funded Largely by Public Funds?

BP_CSI2Thank you David Lundin.

The sooner this group is investigated, the better. Along with the actions taken by former Mayor Sanders and City Attorney Goldsmith. Did they create a private corporation from largely public funds in an attempt to hide its activities?

A further update as of March 28, 2014 at 8:30 AM on the Balboa Park Celebration, Inc. debacle. PLEASE “SHARE” this with your Facebook friends and copy and E Mail it to, and

Today I have filed a Formal Complaint against BPCI, Gerry Braun, Julie Dubick, BPCI Board Co-Chairs Ben and Nikki Clay and the remaining Board Members of BPCI with Kamila (sic) D. Harris, the California Attorney General regarding possible wrongdoing by BPCI, its employees and Board.

Specifically I have asked the Attorney General to do the following:

1. Immediately freeze the bank accounts and other liquid assets of BPCI to preserve and safeguard the public and private funds that were contributed to support its proper, public benefit mission of planning and supporting the Centennial for Balboa Park;

2. Immediately seize and safeguard the books and records of BPCI, both hard copies and electronic and digital files and records, to prevent the destruction or alteration of such records;

3. Immediately prevent BPCI from using any funds whatsoever to compensate Gerry Braun as BPCI “Transition Director ” at $13,000.00 a month. Mr. Braun is neither qualified nor educated for the legal and accounting issues now confronting BPCI. He is a Public Relations expert. Funds that were or will be contributed to BPCI to further its public and tax-exempt Mission of planning and supporting the Centennial of Balboa Park may not legally be used to fund a public relations effort to protect Board members and executive staff of BPCI from detailed scrutiny by the City of San Diego, the Press and the Public ;

4. Investigate the apparent waste of contributed funds through gross negligence by the Board members and staff of BPCI;

5. Investigate the apparent use of contributed funds to pay related parties and unqualified parties to perform work having no value and making no tangible contribution to the charitable Mission of BPCI;

6. Investigate the negotiation and agreement between the BPCI Board and Gerry Braun as “Transition Director” at $13,000.00 a month.

This new Employment Agreement between BPCI and Gerry Braun calls for :

A. In increase in compensation to $13,000 a month. More than any member of the City Council or the Mayor of San Diego;

B. Braun must sign a “Confidentiality Agreement.” To protect “trade secrets” of BPCI’s great plans for the Centennial ? Or to keep BPCI information secret, and protect that information from the bright light of disclosure to the Public?

C. BPCI, that never solicited volunteers successfully and slammed the door on many highly qualified people who offered their expertise and creative energy at no cost, is now “tasking” Braun under this new contract to: ” Develop and execute an outreach plan for BPCI committee members, prospective BPCI volunteers, prospective BPCI partners, and Balboa Park and community organizations.” Braun and BPCI have both failed to do this in the past. What qualifies Braun to carry out this Mission now ?

D. Braun is also charged to ” Handle media inquiries and communications.” The use of donated funds for this Public Relations purpose is improper.

7. Investigate the total facts and circumstances surrounding the creation [by former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, the office of City Attorney of San Diego Jan Goldsmith and the BPCI Board] of BPCI as a private corporation, funded largely by public funds, that would assert immunity from both the Public Records Act and Public Meetings Act and would carry out its public benefit Mission in private.

This Complaint has been filed today with the Attorney General and the Registry of Charitable Trusts for the State of California.

David Lundin
President and Creative Director
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