Mar 30 – Leanne Hull MacDougall Fundraiser for Sarah Boot and Carol Kim

Leanne, Susan Davis, Sarah Boot, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Carol Kim, David Alvarez
Leanne, Susan Davis, Sarah, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Carol, David Alvarez

Dear Friends,

Since it is so important for us to have a Democratic majority on City Council especially with a Republican mayor, I am inviting you to help elect two highly-qualified Democratic candidates for city council. You are invited to my house for lunch to meet them and ask them questions. These two outstanding candidates are Sarah Boot and Carol Kim. They are running in District 2 (Sarah Boot) and District 6 (Carol Kim).

What they need, besides votes, is money for their campaigns. I think so highly of them that I have, personally, given each the maximum donation of $550. I’m hoping you will, after you have met them, consider giving them each $50-$550. This is the best we can do for them since many of us are not in their districts.

As you will see, when you meet them, they are excellent candidates:  smart, hard-working young women with good values of Democrats, supporting all people living in San Diego. They are pro-choice, in favor of contraceptives, and running against Tea-Party candidates who support the opposite. We can’t let San Diego become a Tea Party city like many other cities in the U.S. These are swing seats which we can win with your help. This is important!

So I hope to see you at my house on Sunday, March 30 at noon – 1:30pm for lunch. Please RSVP by email to me:

If you can’t come, hopefully you can donate anyway using these links:

Hope to see you Sunday at 8317 La Jolla Shores Dr.

Best wishes,

Parking Directions:  Park on La Jolla Shores Dr. or up the private road east off La Jolla Shores Dr. between Vallecitos and Garza, park on the grass above my gate.

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