(Part III) District 2 Seat to be Filled by City Council Appointment

Bruce Coons
Bruce Coons

Bruce Coons has been encouraged by community leaders throughout the city to apply for appointment as the interim council member for District 2.

As (some of) you know, Bruce is a well-respected and extremely effective neighborhood activist.
Although he is probably best known today for leading the coalition of over 30 groups and tens of thousands of San Diegans in maintaining the historic integrity of Balboa Park, Bruce’s track record is much deeper and broader than that. Dozens of built environments and cultural landscapes around San Diego County, including Petco Park and Hotel del Coronado, have benefited from his expertise and ability to work out winning solutions.

He was elected to the city’s Old Town Planning Group six times and served for 10 years. He is presently serving his second term on the Peninsula Community Planning Board. A former high-tech manufacturing executive, Bruce currently serves as the executive director of Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO), where his ability to work with city, county, and state agencies, as well as public and private agencies, makes him uniquely qualified to hit the ground running as the interim District 2 councilperson.

Bruce has deep roots in District 2. His family moved to Ocean Beach in 1958, and he has lived and worked most of his life in District 2 (old and new). He and his wife, Alana, currently reside in a beautiful historic Cliff May house in Loma Portal. Bruce attended District 2 schools Barnard Elementary, Collier Junior High, and Point Loma High. He later studied Theater at Cal Western and Anthropology at USD.

Bruce has excellent relationships with city staff, members of the city council and with Mayor Faulconer. He has what is needed for this particular job at this particular time:

  • he knows the San Diego neighborhoods and understands community plan issues as well as anyone in the city
  • he has an encyclopedic knowledge of San Diego’s geography, history and infrastructure
  • he has a unique skill set of business and civic engagement that will help him deal with the difficult issues the council will face
  • he has been a recognized advocate for San Diego quality of life issues for over 3 decades

Because Bruce is not a career politician, his focus would be solely on what is best for District 2 (and that includes electing a qualified, Progressive candidate in June!) He would be able to make the hard decisions without concern for future office. This, along with his stellar qualifications and ability to work with others, makes him the right person for the interim District 2 council seat.

Alana Coons
Member, Point Loma Democratic Club
Education & Communications Director, SOHO

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