San Diego Lifeguards Endorse David Alvarez for Mayor

Lifeguards 350San Diego’s Lifeguards, including club member Ed Harris, joined Councilmember David Alvarez today to announce their endorsement for Mayor. The lifeguards endorsed Alvarez, citing clear differences in the two candidates and times where Alvarez’s opponent, Kevin Faulconer hasn’t delivered for public safety.

Ed Harris, spokesperson for the San Diego Lifeguard Association said it was Alvarez who pushed the public-private partnership with Toyota forward providing new equipment for lifeguards and saving the City over a million dollars.

“Councilmember Alvarez does more than just listen, he has consistently pushed for staffing, training funds and innovative programs that support safe beaches,” Harris said. “Kevin Faulconer voted to cut Lifeguard staffing and eliminate lifeguard training. It was David who provided the leadership lifeguards needed to reinstate staffing and training.”

Harris finalized, “David does what he says he will do, Kevin just talks about it.”

Alvarez stated that the coastal communities and San Diego’s economy rely on safe beaches and he’s been clear and consistent in supporting lifeguards and public safety since joining the City Council.

“When I joined the City Council, public safety had been devastated by cuts, Alvarez said. “I ran for City Council to restore vital neighborhood services, including public safety. I’m proud that every budget I’ve voted for has increased funding for public safety and proud to have our lifeguards supporting my campaign.”

Alvarez finalized, “I will be a mayor for all of San Diego and that includes lifeguards and the beach communities who rely on their service.”

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