Dec 19 – Scott Peters Invites You to Campaign Kick-Off for David Alvarez

alvarez-familyFriend —

I’ve been really fortunate to have your committed and generous support for my Congressional race, and I appreciate very much all you’ve done to help me keep this important seat. Today, I’m writing to you about another important race: let’s elect David Alvarez as San Diego’s next mayor.

David has a tough race on his hands; but with support from people like you, he can win. Can you help by clicking here today to contribute? David are committed many of the same priorities for San Diego — protecting our air and water, making San Diego a center for science and innovation, standing up for equal rights, and making sure we support and grow our middle class.

I am co-hosting the Campaign Kick-Off event for David with over 60 hosts from across San Diego who agree that David is the best choice to be our next mayor. Will you join me next week?

The event is at the beautiful home of my good friend Laurie Black next Thursday, December 19th from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Please click here for more details and to contribute to David’s Campaign.

I hope to see you there on December 19th, but if you can’t join, please consider making a contribution right now before David’s crucial December 31st deadline.

Thank you for your continued friendship and support.



P.S. Remember to join us on December 19th! If you are unable to attend, consider making a contribution today by clicking here!

Other notable attendees

Hon. Toni Atkins – Hon. Marty Block – Hon. Myrtle Cole – Hon. Susan Davis – Hon. Marti Emerald – Hon. Donna Frye – Hon. Lorena Gonzalez – Hon. Chris Kehoe – Hon. Scott Peters – Hon. Lynn Schenk – Hon. Juan Vargas – Hon. Howard Wayne

Laurie Black – Tim Blood – Barbara Bry and Neil Senturia – Francine Busby – Gil Cabrera – Candace Carroll and Len Simon – Rafael Castellanos – Nancy Chase – Alana and Bruce Coons – Erika Couric – Jess Durfee – William Encinas – Clarissa Falcon – Laura Fink – Chris Frahm – Virginia Franco and Herb Shore – John Gomez – Jessica Hayes – Lawrence Hess – Gene Iredale – Jacob James – Marcy and Jeffrey Krinsk – Sarah Kruer – Rich Leib – Mario Lopez – Leanne Hull MacDougall – Don Mullen and John Logan– MaryAnne Pintar – Jane Potter – Jamie and Jared Quient – Fred Schenk – Johanna Schiavoni – Dale and Mark Steele – Fern Steiner – Kevin Tilden – Eduardo Valerio – Nora Vargas – Sid Voorakkara – Chris Ward

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